About Us

Learn about Twisted Gobos

Twisted Gobos is Canada’s go to Gobo manufacturer of custom black and white glass Gobos. We provide products to all of Canada, the United States and worldwide.

Located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, we only manufacture black and white glass Gobos. We feel glass Gobos are a superior product over metal Gobos that are currently sold on the market today.  For glass Gobo production, we laser cut your image directly onto the glass which results in a crisp, clearer image that does not require “bridging” (connecting the lines), which unfortunately metal Gobos have. We have created a manufacturing process which enables us to provide glass Gobos at competing metal gobo pricing.

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing high quality glass Gobos at an affordable price to our clients.  Our mission is to provide fast and courteous service and customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Our Products

Our Gobos are made from industry standard Schott Borofloat 33 glass. Our standard stock is 1.1 mm thick, however, we also stock some Gobo’s in 0.7 mm thickness.

Our Details

8 Tuscany Hills Point N.W.
Calgary AB, T3L 2C6 Canada